Blue Marble Learning is collective of educational consultants, project managers, instructional designers and developers, e-learning specialists, technical writers, amazing trainers, and most of all, life-long learners ourselves.

We provide end-to-end training and education services for a variety of clients who need full-service, or "a la carte" learning solutions.

This IS our sweet spot and we love what we do! Let us help you achieve your training and education goals with great services and products tailored to fit your EXACT needs.


Sometimes all you need are a few pearls of wisdom to help your team achieve your goals. Our consultants have "been there" and "done that" and can offer real world experience to get you rstarted and then for as long as you need us.

Most projects need a thorough  needs assessment and clearly focused goals and objectives. But that's just the begining. We also provide a full project management skillset to keep everything ontrack, ontime, and within budget. 

We can deliver the training and education design plans for your team to develop, or we can develop those for you. 


Products & Services

In addition to consulting, we can do the work for you! Whether you need editing services or content from scratch, we can build it.

We can teach your training classes or just provide the lesson plans and train-the-trainer sessions.

eLearning is another specialty of ours with content that can stand alone or hook right into your existing curriculum. 

About Us

What is a blue marble?

Once upon a time, a director-boss type person said he saw something that he wanted as soon as possible. After he left, I thought to myself, "He has Blue Marble Syndrome!" It was as if he was on the moon and thought the Earth was a cute little marble and he wanted one just like it - as soon as possible.

But he was so far removed from the details of every day work and the people who do that work, he had no idea that the little blue marble was made of individual blades of grass, and trees with leaves, and billions of people roaming all over it.

Does that sound familiar? We specialize in helping you bring your boss back down to reality and deliver an amazing solution that meets the real needs within your organization.